What to wear for professional headshot

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"Now that you booked your corporate headshot, what are you planning to wear? The way we dress expresses our personality, either in or out of the workplace. And it has a big influence on what image we are projecting onto the world."

You find yourself staring at your closet right now, thinking, "I have no clue what to take for headshots"? You are not alone: businessmen, entrepreneurs, actors, and developers struggle with this issue.

Other than having the proper official pose and image style, what you wear in your headshots can help build your professional identity in your community. Since most people get to see your professional headshot before meeting you, your business headshot outfit is critical in making an excellent first impression. 

Consider these wardrobe tips and tricks for wonderful professional portraits as you get ready for your headshot session!

Preparation is everything

"When it comes to your headshot, preparation is everything."

Few factors might affect the ultimate result. Ensuring you get sufficient sleep the night before, taking your time to assemble your thoughts and clear your mind on the shoot day can help you get into the right mood.

Choosing what to wear is an essential aspect of that planning. If you get it right, you'll feel happy and upbeat; you'll feel uncomfortable, unsure, and hesitant if you get it wrong.

What is your personality like

First, consider the persona and tone you want to project. Depending on your company's environment, you may want to project an aura of formality, competence, and trust. Perhaps you want a unique or friendly look! Decide on a tone before the day of the shoot to clearly state the mood you want to express for your business.

How do people in your industry dress up

"What's considered suitable business attire varies greatly by industry."

When in doubt, consult your boss or another respected industry leader. Your boss's attire is typically a solid indicator of what is appropriate for your sector. It will also help you express confidence without trying too hard for it.

Avoid wearing overly casual clothing

"If you need a psychological boost, stick to formal choices like suits, ties, and formal shirts."

Even if you work in a sector where casual attire is the norm, consider wearing more professional attire for your headshots to look more confident and competent. Simply wearing more professional attire might help you feel more powerful and in charge, affecting your posture and appearance in photos.

Make it look comfortable a relaxed

"Tight-fitting garments might make you appear heavier than you are, especially if they are too loose or tight."

Make sure the outfit you chose is really something you enjoy wearing and are entirely comfortable with. If your clothes are overly loose, your figure will be lost in the photo. If you wear it too tight, you risk exposing buttonholes, pulling, and seams straining. Even in a headshot, it will affect the appearance of your shoulders and neckline.

Iron your clothes the night before 

Clothing wrinkles aren't something any photographer removes from headshots unless you choose to pay extra for more advanced photo editing services. Clothes made of cotton get wrinkly in the dryer very quickly. Therefore, we encourage ironing your garment the night before your appointment. Bring your freshly pressed clothes with you in a garment bag and change at the studio before your session.

Avoid older, worn-out clothing

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothes that they will wear repeatedly. Even the best-looking shirts will show signs of wear after a while. This is especially true for brightly colored clothes, which may fade or show symptoms of pilling with each washing. To ensure your clothes look and fit well, aim for newer apparel or "dry clean only" clothes.

Bring a variety of outfit options

Have trouble choosing what to wear for your headshots? The good news is that you don't have to limit yourself to just one outfit. Instead, it's better to bring a variety of outfit options. Most photographers would advise you to get 4-6 shirts. It's always good to have backup plans if something doesn't work with a specific backdrop or lighting setup.

Make a contrast with your skin tone

Professional photographs often appear best when your skin tone, attire, and backdrop contrast. When deciding on colors to wear, make sure they are considerably darker or lighter than your skin tone, so you don't appear naked from afar. You might also be able to get an excellent monochromatic headshot. Still, you should tell your photographer about it first so he can help you choose the best one.

Wear glasses if you do wear glasses

It is perfectly acceptable to wear glasses for your headshot. If they are a part of you, they must be included. However, they must be spotless because any fingerprints or dust would be seen in the captured image. If you use them at work but will not be wearing them for the headshots, please remove them at least 30 minutes before the session. You don't want those minor red stains on the side of your nose to show up in the headshot!

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, it's all about wearing an outfit that looks good on you and makes you feel confident. This will be apparent in the photos, and you'll be keen to share your new business headshot. And if you follow the suggestions mentioned above, you'll be pleased with your headshot.

What you choose to wear for your headshot session significantly impacts what those images will reflect about you. So make sure you choose the ideal photographer to ensure that your headshot stands out and reflects the best aspects of your company.


Igor Lit