What is a Headshot and Why Do You Need One?!

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A headshot is a type of portrait that captures the face of a person.

Headshots are commonly used for business cards, resumes, and other professional purposes. They can also be used for personal reasons, such as online dating or social media profiles. Headshots can be taken in a variety of settings, including studios and outdoors.

Indoors or studio headshot is a great choice if you're looking for something that is more traditional. If you do choose an indoor headshot, it's important to make sure the lighting and background will represent your best self!

A great headshot is typically one that features a person looking directly at the camera with a natural smile. While there are other variations on this theme, it's important to remember that your headshot should feel comfortable and authentic! It's meant to serve as an official representation of yourself, so you want it to be true to who you are.

If you're taking your headshot outdoors, it's important to make sure the weather is appropriate for getting good shots! Headshots should showcase your personality and ideally reflect an outdoor scene such as a park or garden.

Always talk to a photographer about the style of headshot before your shoot.

Igor Lit